This scientific course to become a trichologist is offered by Carole Raby. This course will give you a brief overview of the physiology of the subject matter you will be treating. The texts are clear, and followed by a work plan advocating modern, even revolutionary treatments and care. These are not standard treatments, but general indications, which we leave to you to interpret individually in each case. Very quickly, you will have acquired the necessary dexterity. Prepared by Carole Raby, a trichologist technician for nearly 30 years, this course contains notes from different sources :

Hygiene and cosmetology courses.
Infections of the hair and scalp – Dr. A. Decaux, Academy of Medicine, St. Germain, Paris.
Ms. Raby received her training from Ms. Denise Tellier.

We can count on one hand the number of certified Trichologists in Canada, and they are even rarer in Quebec and the Montreal area and its boroughs. Each hairdresser in possession of a Trichologist Technician specialty who adds this certificate to their CV will see their clientele and income increase considerably.

This revolutionary specialization of our profession is a guarantee for the future, we are currently planning to open two other hair clinics, one in Joliette and one in Laval.

These future Carole Raby Hair Clinics have a vision to recruit new graduates of our Hairdressing Institutes who are interested in perfecting their skills and becoming a Trichologist Technician. Not only will you be able to have a possible job as a hairdresser in our clinics, but you will also be able to follow a personal course to become a certified Trichologist.

This course is not only meant for hairdressers, but also anyone interested in providing themselves with a bright future. We currently have people in our Trichology course who have never taken a hairdressing course. You can be a Trichology Technician without being a hairdresser.

Let’s be clear, we do not offer hairdressing courses, we train Trichologists.

I am one of the few people, at least until proven otherwise, to teach these courses in Trichology (revolutionary hair and scalp care). My mentor, who has been retired for several years, has passed the torch onto me and it is my turn to offer you the possibility of a rewarding career. You will be one of the few Trichologists to use your expertise in treating people with serious hair problems.


This science or new technology was brought to Quebec in the 1970s by Dr. Achille Mareel, a Belgian cosmetologist.

Over the years, he passed on his information and contact details to his son-in-law, Dr. Guy Decaux, who continued to make the products we still use today.

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