Trichoptilosis is a very common hair disease. Hair split at the end and separated into two or more fragments, often observed in women with long hair and aggravated by untimely brushing, too frequent coloring and perming.

This condition is recognized when the hair is fork or feather shaped. The appropriate treatment is to cut off the damaged ends.

DO NOT: Take oil baths, use alkaline shampoo.


What are the causes ?
Split ends, scientifically called trichoptilosis, means that the tips of the hair split in two along the length. The first symptoms of split ends are the thinning of the ends. The ends become rough and then form knots. Your hair is difficult to detangle, especially, well, at the ends.
There are many causes for split ends. Brushing your hair too vigorously, for example, is extremely detrimental. This action should be limited to twice a day at most. The same applies to straightening, perming and coloring. The chemicals all these products contain weaken the cuticle. Made up of keratin, this outer sheath of the hair has the role of preserving its hydration and protecting it against external aggressions.
Another cause of split ends is the abusive use of heating appliances, which are the major enemy of frizzy hair. And then there is also poor lifestyle, lack of hydration or stress.
Are there any treatments for trichoptilosis ?
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