Trichoclasis is a type of hair breakage characterized by more or less extensive patches of broken hair about a centimeter long. It is located mainly on the vertex and on the front of the head.

Trichoclasis occurs when the end of the hair is split or cracked in two along its length. A fork appears at the end or tip of the hair, so to speak. At this point, the hair is split and dried out. In some cases, the end of the damaged hair ends in three branches.


What are the causes ?
What is the hair cuticle? The cuticle is the outer sheath of the hair, made up of keratin, whose main role is to protect it from external aggression and to enable it to retain its moisture.
What can damage the hair cuticle? Vigorous brushing while the hair is still wet, the use of aggressive and alkaline shampoos and styling products, bleaching, coloring, perms, relaxers, exposure to the sun, improper use of the hair dryer, unbalanced diet, insufficient sebum, are all factors that can contribute to the damage of the hair cuticle and cause split ends.
Are there any treatments for trichoclasis ?
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